About SMD assembly

SMDassembly.com is a product of PrintTec, designed to offer our customers a complete SMT production line. PrintTec is a specialized technical wholesale company that caters to the electronics industry. Since 1999, we have been supplying equipment, tools, and consumables to professional end-users for the production, assembly, and/or service and repair of electronics.

Since 2015, we have been the European distributor of NeoDen Tech products for the European market. We can provide you with the products, spare parts, and support you need, either directly or through our expanding dealer network. NeoDen has customized their line of tabletop pick & place machines specifically for the European market to ensure compliance with European laws and meet the demands of European customers.

In 2021, we started as a distributor of GUS, a professional SMT equipment manufacturer. Now paired with Neoden, we can offer you a complete SMT assembly line. Furthermore, we started as a distributor for Jaguar Automation. Jaguar offers high quality wave soldering machines, for a faster and more secure soldering process.

Together, we will do our best to help you start up your automated SMT assembly today and in the future.