Smart Feeder Tray

A fantastic product that enables you to strips / pieces of taped components to your pick and place system.

Take the base plate, then start with 2 supports to hold the first piece of tae and add one more support in order to add the next piece of tape along side the first, etc.

This way you can act as if you would apply several JEDEC trays and avoid investment in full reels, where you only need to apply a small quantity of components of the same value.

And this way you increase the number of feeder positions to your pick and place system at small cost.

SFT1000 Strip Feeder Tray

SFT1008 Support 8mm for Strip Feeder Tray

SFT1013 Support 13mm for Strip Feeder Tray

SFT1019 Support 19mm for Strip Feeder Tray