Neoden YY1

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YY1 features;

  • Automatic tape-feeders Automatic nozzle changer.
  • Vision recognition system.
  • Linear rails for accuracy.
  • Very quiet operation. No service required.
  • The following nozzles are included, 2x CN040, 2x CN065, 1x CN100, 1x CN140, 1x CN220, 1x CN400
  • Complete supplied in 1 box!
YY1 specifications:
Placement Rate up to 4000 cphMaximum PCB size 220x300 mmComponent range 0201 to 18x18 mmComponent height 12 mmRotation ± 180°Placement accuracy ± 0.02 mmX-Y Repeatability ± 0.02 mm
Tape-Feeders 41x8, 6x12, 3x16 mm
Stick-Feeder 4 positionsBulk-Feeder 3x10 positions
Strip-Feeder 36x8, 6x12, 3x16 mm
Large reel stand
SD-card for data transfer
Power consumption 50W

Dimensions 65Wx53Dx60H cm
Weight 35.5 kg