Medium Series

Neoden K1830 is our latest developed, low volume, high-speed pick and place machine, it features:

  • 8 Synchronized nozzles for accurate and repeatable placement at high speed
  • The machine runs on a highly stable and secure Linux operating system
  • Dual camera system for faster position recognition
  • High resolution and high-speed camera system for component recognition
  • Internal ethernet communication interface for higher stability and flexibility
  • Closed-loop servo control system for higher accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic pick and place height recognition for higher accuracy
  • Automatic feeder position calibration for higher efficiency
  • Automatic pcb position calibration for higher efficiency

NEODEN K1830 pick & place

Now also available in Europe, special version with TÜV CE

More than 80 units sold in Europe!

NEODEN K1830-150

This is a special version of the K1830, designed for larger pcb's up to 1.500mm.
This machine is on special order only