NEODEN K1830 pick & place

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Now also available in Europe, special version with TÜV CE

More than 80 units sold in Europe!

Neoden K1830 is our latest developed, low volume, high-speed pick and place machine, it features:

  • 8 Synchronized nozzles for accurate and repeatable placement at high speed
  • The machine runs on a highly stable and secure Linux operating system
  • Dual camera system for faster position recognition
  • High resolution and high-speed camera system for component recognition
  • Internal ethernet communication interface for higher stability and flexibility
  • Closed-loop servo control system for higher accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic pick and place height recognition for higher accuracy
  • Automatic feeder position calibration for higher efficiency
  • Automatic pcb position calibration for higher efficiency


Nozzles    8

Tape Feeders   66, pneumatic and electric

IC Tray Feeders   2 x Jedec

Max PCB size   300x540mm, up to 1.200mm

Smallest Component  0201

IC Packages   QFP, SSOP, QFN, BGA

Placement accuracy  0.01mm

Max Component Height  18mm

Max Placement Speed  16.000 cph

Component Recognition  High-resolution camera, on the fly

PCB Fiducial Recognition 2 High-resolution cameras

PCB Loading   3 Steps conveyor

PCB Transfer Direction  Left to right

Air Supply   6 bar, min 100 L/min

Power    500W

Voltage    220V/50HZ & 110V/60HZ

Net Weight   280kgs

Gross Weight   360kgs

Machine Dimensions  1288×1062×1291mm

Packing Dimensions  1420×1220×1665mm